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How To Organize Your Shades by Sami Miro

I like to decorate my home with clothing and accessories. If you have cool pieces why hide them in your closet when you can display them as art?

I have over 50 pairs of glasses. All very different and special to me. When you have so many of one thing, organization is key. That's how this whole thing started: I needed a way to keep all of my shades clean, happy and visible. These acrylic stands are the best. I found them a couple years back at a retail display store, but it shouldn't take to much scouring of the internet to find them. I also use a metal bookshelf to display my Raybans. It's fun to get creative and different. Give it a go in your spot! 


Photo: Jake from The Coveteur 

Glasses: Sami Miro Vintage, Rayban, Dior, Acne, Cheap Monday, Persol, and Wildfox