SMV x ASOS Girl Talk / by Sami Miro

I've been an ASOS fan for years now. They sell an insanely wide array of awesome clothes and accessories, most of which are extremely affordable. The shoe section is especially bomb.  ASOS Marketplace, however, is secretly my favorite section. There you can find vintage clothing from all over the world and buy directly from independent labels. Needless to say, when they reached out to me for a little Girl Talk interview, I was all about it. Below you can find the interview and learn a little more about me and my take on style. Thanks ASOS!

Sami Miro is the 27-year-old LA-based model and blogger that you need to know about. Why? Having become jaded with her "corporate marketing job," Sami decided to pursue her true obsessions: fashion, beauty and style. She's just launched her own website,, and it's full of styling tips and the glossiest #OOTDs you've ever seen. 

We first noticed Sami on Instagram as a bleach-blonde babe — she's now transitioned back to her raven hair and wears a choker and distressed denim like no one else we know. Oh, and she's 100% Zac Efron's other half. Go girl. Shop her edit of ASOS below...

IMG_7930 (1).jpg

Full name: Sami Miro

Nickname: SMV (Sami Miro Vintage)

Occupation: Vintage curator,

Dream job: Founder of a fashion conglomerate. 

Born where? San Francisco proper.

Currently live? Los Angeles.

Charity cause that means the most to you? Underprivileged children mentorships.


.  What's your sneaker of choice? Dirty Converse. 

Who's your guilty pleasure style stalk? RiRi.

What's your favorite film to watch for style inspiration?Pretty Woman.

What was the last thing you put on Instagram that got lots of love? A selfie of my chest that detailed the accoutrements of my day.

What was the last thing you wore that makes you cringe now? Style is a cyclical thing, so something that makes me cringe today, will probably be part of my wardrobe in 10 years :)

What's your favorite item of clothing that you're wearing at the moment? I'm obsessed with my adidas Superstars at the moment. I wear them every day — no matter if it's a dress up or dress down kind of a day. 

Who's your style spirit animal? A ravenous dragon. 

Last thing you listened to?10,000 Emerald Pools  — it's my current love song. 

If you had to stake your life on one beauty product, what would it be? EO's organic lavender body oil. I use it post-shower as a face oil before bed and it just makes me smell delicious all around. 

I can't stop buying... Vintage blazers. 

What's your coffee order?Almond milk latte.

Where's your next holiday? Hawaii.

Song to be playing as you enter the club? Post To Be


Right now my nails are... Painted with Essie's Wicked, as per usual. 

Right now my hair is... Happy it's no longer platinum. 

Which decade represents you best and why? In actuality, they all do — my wardrobe is full of juxtapositions. 

You're at your best when? I've done Bikram yoga. 

Career highlight to date? Quitting my path on the corporate trail of marketing to pursue my creative desire. Right now it's starting with

What keeps you up at night?My goals for the week.