SMV x Man Repeller x The Food Life / by Sami Miro

I'm quite proud that my first (and hopefully not last) time on Man Repeller has nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with my second love - food. The other week I was interviewed by my friend, Lauren Levinger, founder of The Food Life, the subsidiary food site partnered with Leandra Medine of Man Repeller. I blabbed for an hour about food, so it is a true depiction of my food life. If you're interested in reading about my food staples, diet, cooking habits, favorite restaurants, and culinary adventures, I have pasted the full article below. I love it - thanks Lauren and Leandra!

When you live in Los Angeles, you are more likely than not, familiar with the health benefits of things like chia, probiotics and green juices. Case in point, our gorgeous friend, Sami Miró whose fridge is our next voyeuristic victim in the latest installment from our Tales From the Fridge series, a collaboration with Man Repeller where we peek into the fridges of our favorite creative friends.

Although Sami was not born in LA, she has learned how to navigate and perfect a health foods lifestyle and always keeps her refrigerator stocked with delicious produce, beverages, and pickled goodies. In the rare case she is running low, she can always steal a handful of snacks from her boyfriend, Zac Efron.

Sami’s refrigerator is just as organized as her enviable closet. When she isn’t being photographed alongside her equally food and health-obsessed boyfriend, Sami is styling, modeling and curating shoots for her newly launched website, Sami Miró Vintage which chronicles her day-to-day life as a vintage curator. When we visited her apartment in West Hollywood, our conversation bounced from sauerkraut and culinary excursions in Europe to vintage Paper Denim & Cloth jeans and Ray Ban wayfarer collections.

Needless to say, when we left, we headed straight to our closest Whole Foods to pick up anything fermented, then stopped by Jet Rag to dig for as much Sami-approved vintage we could find!

Sami Miro_Fridge_Main.jpg

Right now, my fridge is probably in the middle to lower end on the fullness scale. These are my staples. Actually everything accept for the pears.

I’m really big into probiotics and stuff like that. Kombucha is just one of those. It’s delicious to drink. It has an effervescence, and does good things for your body. The depth that I know now is definitely because of Zac. But I have been in to komboucha for a long time now, I just didn’t know the full science behind it. The only two I really drink are the green one and the ginger one. It is also a phenomenal chaser, which you would never expect!

The chia one, I stole from Zac’s house. He always has a million of them, so I just jacked a few. Chia helps with digestion though!

I love green juice. One of my favorite things in the world are vegetables. Anything green I crave and am obsessed with. So the juice is that in liquid form- organic cold pressed juices all the way! That particular one has some apples in it, so it’s not as rough on the tastebuds. Any of them that are organic or cold pressed, I am down to drink all of them. I used to live really close to Erewhon so I would buy them all there. It’s literally heaven on earth. It’s a boutique market that makes Whole Foods look like CVS.

I’m obsessed with Kraut

I’m obsessed with kraut. I think my favorite is kimchee. That is how this whole thing started. The reason I started getting that was because I was always shopping at Erewhon. Erewhon is like a community when you go there you become friends with the other customers because you are like those “Erewhon people”. There was this one customer there who was ridiculously in shape and healthy. One time I saw him eating the sauerkraut right out of the bag. I discovered when I went to Germany several years ago that I really loved sauerkraut and that it wasn’t this gross stuff you just throw on a hot dog, which is what a lot of Americans think. It’s delicious vinegary flavor, it’s amazing. So anyways, I saw him eating that out of the bag, and I was like, oh let me get out of line and go get it, because if he is doing it, I need to be doing it too! Ever since then, I have been eating it with almost every meal. I add it to almost everything. I may even just pour the juice over something, but usually it’s just a snack.

Asian food is by far my favorite, to generalize. I could eat good quality sushi everyday. LA has phenomenal sushi. I will start from lowest price point to highest. Sugarfish is amazing bang for your buck, and the rice quality is so good. You spend 35 dollars, and you are completely stuffed at the end. It’s cool too because it makes you try different kinds of fish. So if you get the “trust me” someone who only knows about tuna, is also going to get to try halibut etc. That’s cool that it makes people explore. Then next level up is Sushi Park, in quality and price point. Sushi Park, you gotta get the omakase and sit at the bar and get fed. They have some of the best quality rice I have ever eaten. Have you seen “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”? You know how he says rice is 90%? I never realized that until I went to Sushi Park. I can’t even describe it. It’s like al dente almost, it’s loose, not super compact. Then the best sushi and meal in general I have ever had is at this place called Urasawa. It’s out of control. I don’t know if I could ever eat another meal as amazing. It was three hour meal of just sushi. You are stuffed after the first twenty minutes, but you have to just keep eating because it’s so good.

Almost every morning, I love a good over medium, or over easy egg. But recently I have been doing soft boiled eggs. If I don’t want to eat the yolk and just want the whites, I make it hard boiled so I am not tempted to eat the yolk. What’s the point of a yolk if it’s not runny? This is my go to breakfast: A little of the baby kale topped with…oh my god, one of my number one ingredients isn’t in there, avocado! So baby kale, sauerkraut, kimchee, avocado cubed up, and then eggs. It’s so good for breakfast. If I have some quinoa, I will put some on there too.

I love whatever green thing is in season. My favorite are leafy greens. My favorite vegetable in the whole world is rapini, because it’s super bitter, leafy and dark. A good year-round thing is baby kale. It’s not as harsh as most kales and the stem is super edible and soft. Whenever asparagus is in season I have that, I love asparagus. I just throw it in some Coconut oil and top it with salt and pepper. When I was blond, coconut oil was my number one thing. I was drenched in cocounut oil. All day everyday. Now that my hair is back to it’s natural state, I am using less coconut oil on my hair and body, it’s just in the kitchen now!

Every Sunday morning when I was really young, my dad and I would watch Jaques Pépin and Julia Childs

I can’t handle raw chicken. It’s this weird thing that I have. I once got food poisoning really bad, when I was in Thailand. There was this woman on a dirt road chopping up raw chicken which I ended up ordering. Ever since then, I can’t get myself to buy raw chicken. It’s so easy to get organic rotisserie chicken and shred it to put it in tacos, a salad, or just eat it off the bone.

I am a big taco person. So if I feel like getting fancy and not making a salad, I will make tacos. So those tortillas are always there, always corn, never flour.

The turkey I stole from Zac’s house. It is an easy snack to have.

Coconut milk, I put on cereal, but I never buy cereal, so I guess it is there just in case!

Cranberry juice is just good for you, and that is also an amazing chaser!

Those are probiotic pills. I am a total slacker. I should take them every day, but I don’t. They are just there to look pretty!


I have started to do a lot more cooking. We recently went on this crazy culinary excursion, and every single day we had at least one meal, if not two, that were twenty-five courses. This was for two weeks. When I got back I was like, I never want to go out to eat ever again! Unless it’s sushi. Ever since then, I have been eating really clean, because I was gorging every single day. I was in Copenhagen, Sweden, Amsterdam and Chicago. We went to Noma which is the best restaurant in the world. That was an experience I will never forget. But the best meal I had, was in Copenhagen at this restaurant called FiskeBar. It’s all fish. It was seven courses and every single course was the most well thought out dish and the best combinations you would never think of. It was just perfection. It’s worth going to Copenhagen to just go to FiskeBar.

I have always been a healthy eater. My dad is a big cook. He would cook every single meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. When we did go out, it was to our local sushi place in San Francisco on Van Ness Street. But he is so anal in the kitchen, he wouldn’t really let us do anything. You would think you would want to give your kids a cooking lesson, but no. I have been a Food Network fanatic since middle school, before Food Network was the cool thing to watch, when it wasn’t even on cable television. We would watch Iron Chef Japan together. Every morning when I was really young, we would watch Jacques Pépin and Julia Childs and that Italian grandmother, I don’t remember her name, I think it was Lydia!

I have never been a recipe person. I think I am pretty good at knowing flavors and what tastes good with what. So I just kind of figure it out on my own.