The Poncho Verdict / by Sami Miro

Ponchos are hit or miss. Usually they're too costumey for my taste. However this Isabel Marant poncho called my name from the hanger to the dressing room to the checkout counter. It's a statement piece for sure but it remains casual and elegant. It pairs with jeans, a dress, heels and sneakers but I like to wear a fitted bomber jacket or blazer under it for some contrast on the sleeve. Ponchos are very boxy so you have to be aware of the overall shape of your finished look. Either go all big and baggy or define your legs and arms with super tight jeans and a fitted top. 


Styling: Sami Miró Vintage

Photo: Ed McGowan 

HMU: Daja Hartman 

Pancho: Isabel Marant

Choker: Sami Miró Vintage