Mothers Fringe / by Sami Miro

To those of you who read my interview with, you know what this is about. For one reason or another I had my father's cool hand-me-downs growing up, not my mother's. All but this sueded fringe jacket she had made for herself in the 70's. So this outfit is an ode to two generations of style – her's and mine.  

Her influence: The fringe. My influence: Vintage nighties, thigh high boots, and bolo ties.


Styling: Sami Miró Vintage

Jacket: SMV Suede Fringe

Dress: SMV Lace & Silk Nighty 

Bolo Tie: SMV Bolo

Hosiery: DKNY Fishnet 

Boots: SMV Suede Thigh High 

Photography: Michael Clifford Photography, MCP

Makeup: Nicola Hamilton at Exclusive Artist Management using Malin and Goertz and Kevyn Aucoin

Hair: Joseph Chase at Exclusive Artist Management using Oribe