Denim Cap / by Sami Miro

I'm from San Francisco where it stays between 50 and 60 degrees pretty much year around. That means a lot of layers and jackets. But it's summertime in LA now so I'm trying to make an effort to dress more summery (i.e. not wear all black, leather and layers). Upon packing for Hawaii, I was specifically advised not to pack leather lol. I actually succeeded but it was hard – I still brought grungey vintage though don't you worry.

So this look is kind of like my normal style fighting with my summery efforts. Booties? Check. (P)Leather? Check. Skirt? Check. Seventies knitted cardigan and 90's denim cap? Double check. 


Styling: Sami Miró Vintage

Cardigan: SMV 70's Yellow/Green striped Cardi

Hat: SMV 90's Denim Cap

Shirt: O-Mighty Leather Kitty Skirt

Boots: Lanvin Suede Booties (several seasons ago)

Photography: Michael Clifford Photography, MCP

Makeup: Nicola Hamilton at Exclusive Artist Management using Malin and Goertz and Kevyn Aucoin

Hair: Joseph Chase at Exclusive Artist Management using Oribe