Bells For Life / by Sami Miro

Business on top. Bells on the bottom. Lingerie in the middle. 

Fashion is cyclical.  What you once loved or even hated may very well be in your wardrobe again in 10 years.   I used to own patched up jeans in high school and these babies make me wonder where they went. There are a lot of pieces I've given away over the years that I now regret not holding on to. I'm not saying to be a hoarder, but keep the good stuff. It will most likely come back around...and if it's your original piece from years back, it's that much more special. 


Styling: Sami Miró Vintage

Blouse: Vintage sheer white (SMV)

Pants: After Party Vintage patch up bell (Nasty Gal)

Bra: Agent Provocateur axis bra

Shoes: Giorgio Armani pumps

Photography: Michael Clifford Photography, MCP

Makeup: Nicola Hamilton at Exclusive Artist Management using Malin and Goertz and Kevyn Aucoin

Hair: Joseph Chase at Exclusive Artist Management using Oribe