I was born and raised in the heart of San Francisco. It's not the same city as it once was. The free spirits and hippies have been replaced by corporate techies. Gentrification is in full effect. Anyway, I was raised by the most incredible single father in the world along with the most impressive big brother. In our family, education was always number one. My father has a Phd in business analytics and a masters in Engineering,  my mother has a DDS in periodontics, and my brother, a Stanford Law graduate. I was always greatly influenced by the men in my family, so little ol' me decided business was my path. I went to Santa Clara University, studied abroad in Paris, and came out the other end with a BA in Marketing. I continued my education and earned a Master's in Global Entrepreneurship where I lived, worked, and studied in Barcelona, Taipei, and San Francisco. 

In 2010, I started working for a tech start up in San Francisco, where I was a part of the pre-launch and creation process. I travelled the world in my marketing role and ended up residing in Los Angeles in 2013. But after four years with the company, I realized in 2014, I wasn't  following my heart. Instead, I had been suppressing a creative drive I didn't quite understand yet. So I quit my corporate path to pursue an exploratory phase in modeling, styling and putting my 10-years of vintage curating to the test. After a year of styling with my vintage collection, I quickly become pegged by the media as "The Queen of Vintage." 

On April 12, 2016, I launched Sami Miro Vintage, where I found my purpose. I have always been inspired by the mystery in every vintage piece. And when you wear SMV, you carry not only the integrity of lasting quality, but the story and journey of each garment with you. The collection revolves around vintage denim. Each product is hand cut from vintage Levi’s, Wranglers, Guess and other top quality recycled denim, making every piece unique. SMV products are hand made in Los Angeles and are designed for both men and women. 

Today my focus is Sami Miro Vintage, creative directing, styling and continuing with my path as a social media influencer by aligning myself with likeminded brands.

Follow your heart, work hard, and always have a backup plan. xo


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